beach umbrella lined up on the beach

Summer is just around the corner and it is time to get beach ready! When heading to the sand, accessories are always a necessity so make a list. Water, sunblock, and sunglasses are at the top, but there’s definitely something missing. Give your skin some shade from those harsh sun rays and invest in a beach umbrella that will keep you cool.

There are so many options for beach umbrellas out there and it’s difficult to decide which one to buy. Look no further than these beautifully stylish umbrellas to take with you on your next trip to the sand.

A Beach Umbrella for Every Type

When you go to the beach frequently a nice beach umbrella is a great accessory to keep around. Everyone has their own sense of fashion, so why not buy a beach umbrella to fit your personal style? Here are the best beach umbrellas to buy for every style type.


For the fan of the classics

The Legion umbrella is a great choice for anyone with a more classic style. The red, white, and blue colors create a great Americana feel and to top it all off, the umbrella features an elk motif to really play up the patriotic vibes.


blue and white tie dyed beach umbrella

For the inner hippie

The Seaview Beach Umbrella is perfect for anyone who has nostalgia for 70’s style. This Shabori style tie-dye beach umbrella with fringe checks all the boxes for the upcoming trends next season. Grab this to look stylish by the ocean as you enjoy the sound of crashing waves.


For the stylishly chic

The Regatta Beach Umbrella is great for those that love lilac! The chic chevron pattern really makes this umbrella timeless. It’s perfect to take with you to the beach or have it out in your backyard to create shade for a brunch party.


For the retro fashionista

The Solana Beach Umbrella is the perfect accessory for anyone that loves a good retro piece. This umbrella features a beautiful floral pattern with bright dancing roses over a white and black pok a dot  design. In addition, this umbrella features a black fringe that creates a beautiful and edgy contrast with the sand.


For the floral fanatic

The Laguna Beach Umbrella is a beautiful choice for anyone that loves a classic floral pattern. This umbrella features a timeless black and white daisy design that is complemented by a black fringe. The great thing about this umbrella is that it will match everything.


For the bohemian

The Las Brisas Beach Umbrella is perfect for anyone who loves a festive and colorful look. The design features a bohemian serape-inspired pattern and the umbrella has fringe trim. This umbrella is perfect for the beach, but also for any music festivals you have planned this summer!

For the vintage lover

The Thalia Beach Umbrella is great for vintage lovers! It has every dreamy shade of pink and orange imaginable with a whimsical paisley pattern that really plays up the vintage vibes.


For the lover of mermaids

The Mermaid Beach Umbrella will have you daydreaming of life under the sea. This umbrella has incredible mermaid vibes that will make you feel like Ariel as you relax on the beach. The beautiful green and blue design highlights the colors of the ocean and the umbrella is trimmed with flirty fringe.


Prepare for summer and grab the beach umbrella that suits your style. All of these unique umbrellas are lightweight and offer 100% UV protection. Stay fashionable at the beach and on the go because these umbrellas come in a classic denim carry case and a pocket for your phone so you won’t have to worry about anything!