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Shoreline of Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach

Looking for the best picnic beaches in Laguna Beach? With summer weather nearly all year long, California beaches see a lot of action! Even if you’re not going in the water, the beach is a great place for hanging with friends, playing volleyball, and having picnics. If you’re looking for a great picnic beach in Laguna Beach, there are a ton of options that could be the perfect fit. Check out this list of the top five beaches for taking a bit of a snack break today!

1.  Aliso Beach

This is a pretty famous beach for skimmers to practice on the heavy shore break, but it’s also the only beach with firepits in the sand. So gear up and grab your favorite hat because it’s time for an evening BBQ with all the fixins.

In addition to the fire pits and free entertainment, this beach also offers a playground for kids, tidepools to explore, and even some food options along the sand. Just keep in mind that Aliso Beach has metered parking. So, while it’s easy access to the water, you still have to pay to park.

2.  Agate Street Beach

Because it’s not as well-known, Agate State Beach is one of the quieter, cleaner locations for a beach-day picnic. If you don’t want to hang on the sand, you’ll find a viewing platform, benches, and a huge staircase that offer alternative locations for your meal. This is also a great spot to catch the sunset and show off your newest classic, California-inspired outfit!

Parking here is readily available right on PCH, and the beach is open until 10 pm year-round.

3.  Cleo Street Beach

As the local preferred beach, this spot is a super low-key location for a quiet meal. Many people come here to SCUBA dive, body surf, and kayak, so if you’re looking for a full day of activities before your picnic, Cleo Street Beach is it!

The only downside to this location is the parking. You can only find metered parking along Cleo Street or the Pacific Coast Highway, which are always packed because this is also a popular retail district. It’s a great idea to bring a change of clothes and a jacket so you can surf during the day, enjoy a lunch picnic, and then head over to the retail shops and restaurants in the evening.


Lady sitting on the beach

4.  Picnic Beach

If you’re looking for the best picnic beach in Laguna Beach, why not go for one that has what you want right in the name? Laguna Beach, Picnic Beach is the peak hangout spot due to its accessibility and amenities. Easy to reach with tons of parking, it’s also really close to Heisler Park, which offers bathrooms, grassy knolls, and stunning views of the waves. Even better, you’ll find walking trails and gardens, as well as picnic tables and barbecues for those who want a more involved picnic setup. Choose this picnic area for a large family gathering and host a fun event with tons of activities for all ages.


5.  Sleepy Hollow Beach

For those who want a little more privacy and less foot traffic than most other beaches, Sleepy Hollow Beach offers the tranquility you seek. While it’s close to bustling Main Beach, the noise and energy don’t spill over into this area. This beach is also a beloved surf spot for locals, and you’re unlikely to see many tourists walking around.

You might find metered parking on PCH, but if you’ve packed a big picnic, you may want to use the valet service at one of the restaurants in the area to cut down on the walking distance.

Summer Explorations

Summer is the perfect time to discover new beaches and locations for relaxed days, unique activities, and tasty picnics. Even if you aren’t close to Laguna Beach, there are many more areas to check out all along the PCH – from Orange County to Malibu. Explore all these beaches to find the best picnic beaches in Laguna Beach.Then decide which one is your new favorite spot for a meal with friends and family.