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Malakye was launched in 2002 by founder and surfer, Chad Mihalick.  Who saw an opportunity for a proven business model to be applied in an industry where it did not exist, action sports. Because of this It lives at the crossroads of passion and profession. Making it the perfect fit to showcase for Beach Brella. For instance, the  mantra is “Enjoying a healthy, balanced lifestyle where we work hard but always make time to put our toes in the sand.” As always, Malakye is a vehicle for people and companies in lifestyle-driven industries to connect for employment and business. As well as to experience stories that are inspiring, informing, and entertaining. The companies that make up the industries that power Malakye includes: Surf, Skate, Snow, Outdoor, Bike, Powersports, Streetwear, Fashion, and more. For these reasons, Beach Brella was an obvious choice for Malakye to highlight co-founder and surfer Shelley Arends’.

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Being an avid beach-goer, sun protection has always been on the forefront of Shelley Arends’ mind. But after looking to replace her old beach umbrella, Shelley found that she wasn’t able to find the perfect one. So she took matters into her own hands. By Teaming up with Eden Struss, Owner of EN THE HOUSE Creative Agency. And Johnny Monson from Blackheart Creative. Beach brella came to market. 

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So they talked with Shelley and got the scoop on the inception of Beach Brellas. Find out how and why she came up with the concept. Why was a UV protected umbrella so important. And how her Southern California roots played a role in developing the ultimate beach sun umbrella! Follow this link to see full Malakye Interview with Shelley Arends.