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Flamingo Beach Umbrella 100% UV Protection


The Flamingo beach umbrella has everything you need. Fun pink flamingos and tropical flowers. This brella has a very Hawaiian vintage feel. Take your Aloha to the beach with this one. Comes with the custom denim carry case.


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Beverly Beach Umbrella 100% UV Protection


The Beverly beach umbrella is a classic palm print with a bit of a watercolor  feel combined with a vintage style. The fun fringe frames this California classic print.

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Legion Beach Umbrella • 100% UV Protection


The Legion beach umbrella has a classic red, white, and blue Americana feel and is a limited edition Brella. The classic chevron combined with a hipster elk motif makes this a very patriotic and American inspired Brella. Classic Denim easy carry case to match.

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Seaview Beach Umbrella • 100% UV Protection


The Seaview beach umbrella is a beautiful combination of a Shabori Tie Dye and Ocean feel.  Fun fringe that dances in the wind adding to your beach experience. Classic Denim easy carry case to match.


beachBRELLA® is a premium line of boutique beach umbrellas. That was created to capture a luxury lifestyle and beach and resort experience.  Our brand mantra: “Made In The Shade” sets the tone for our unique line of beach umbrellas. Because of this, we  stand apart from the crowd. So we like to call our style modern-vintage chic with a bit of fringe.

So our premium beach umbrellas are 100% UV protective, fade resistant, lightweight, and are custom designed prints. Each brella comes with its own sand anchor for those windy days. Because each umbrella is handmade and includes a fashionable, beach savvy carrying case. Which is made of denim and canvas. Because of beachBRELLA’s individuality there is something to talk about and will make any beach day  that more pleasurable. Our boutique beach umbrellas are one of a kind! Shop from our collection today. To learn more about beachBRELLA®, contact us at 949-494-4554.