Are you unsure what to look for when searching for a high-quality beach umbrella that will last years to come. As you begin your search for durable beach umbrellas, there are a few aspects to keep in mind when looking, such as the structure, material, and storage. Having these qualities in mind will provide you with some sort of benchmark for the umbrellas to meet.


When it comes to the structure of the umbrella, one must make sure the umbrella is easy to open and close. No one wants to deal with an umbrella that is resistant to open or won’t close completely when you are trying to put it away. It is also ideal to have an umbrella that has adjustable height. This structure makes the umbrella easier to produce shade exactly where you are wanting it.


The materials that the umbrella are made out decide whether it will last years or not even the entirety of the summer season. High-quality materials must be used when making a beach umbrella to eliminate ripping or tearing. Also, with kids or surrounding beach goers, the beach umbrella usually ends up getting wet. Because of this, durable beach umbrellas should always have some sort of water protection. If you beach umbrella is in a colorful shade or pattern, it is important for the material to be fade resistant. With hours in the sun, the colors of your beautiful beach umbrella are bound to fade. Because of this, it is essential to choose a fade resistant umbrella. Most importantly, a beach umbrella should protect have 100% UV protection. Some umbrellas only block out 50% of the rays, leaving you or your kids with not full sun protection.


Storage includes how and where you store your beach umbrella. Durable beach umbrellas come with carry bags or cases which are perfect to protect them from the element when they are stored away. These cases keep anything from ripping or catching on the umbrella. It is also important to store a durable beach umbrella somewhere dry to eliminate possible damage.

When searching for durable beach umbrellas, keep in mind the structure, material, and storage of the umbrella. The ideal beach umbrella offers adjustable height with water protection, fade resistance and comes with a carry bag or case. Shop Beach Brellas for durable, fade resistant umbrellas today!