blue hair and sunglasses

Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory

 Not only do they protect your eyes from all those UV rays, they also have the ability to turn you into a total mystery while simultaneously pulling your entire outfit together. Finally, much like your adorable outfits, they are a first-impression intro to your personality. From aviators to wayfarers, cat eyes and more, there’s something to be said about the particular style you choose. So, what do different sunglasses say about you?

Sunglasses that are fit for you

You have the need for speed. If aviators are your go-to shade, then you’re a total legend. You know how to instantly captivate and capture a room the moment you walk in. No matter where you are or what the situation is, you are cool and confident. You’re the perfect mix of awesome, rebellious, and classic. You never worry about being on-trend because you set your own fashion rules.

You are model perfect. If you rock cat eyes, like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, you’re a walking cinematic queen with a flair for the dramatic. You know how to get in touch with your emotions, and you never avoid the chance to put on a show. Not the type to tiptoe through life, you know how to speak up for what you want. Just like aviators, these say that you’re classic and timeless. You’re your own person and you totally own it in every moment and situation.

wind blowing girls hair in sunglasses

You are well-rounded. When you wear round sunglasses, you are letting everyone know how versatile you are. You can easily go from carefree hippie chic to perfectly polished in a blink of an eye. Though sweet and mild mannered in nature, you’re also not afraid to play the diplomat in your friend group. You know how to bring a group of people together in peace, love, and happiness.

You are practical. Polarized sunglasses mean business, especially on a total utilitarian like yourself. You would take functionality over trendy any day. You love to be outdoors swimming, surfing, hiking, or snowboarding. Because you love to be outdoors, you know how important sun protection is. When you’re headed to the beach with friends, you’re the one with the bag with everything in it. From snacks to sunscreen, extra beach towels and a sun umbrella  you’re always prepared for anything.

You keep it subtle. You don’t need a lot of flash and fuss to make a statement in your wayfarers. Like those who wear round sunglass, you can easily shift in and out of laidback and chill to poised and preppy. You just simply can’t be fit into one box, and that’s what people love about you; they just can’t put their finger on what makes you so great but what they do know is that they can’t get enough of you. You’re fun and seek adventures.

You are made of whimsy. If you adore heart-shaped sunglasses, you haven’t lost your childlike sense of wonderment. You know how to be silly and aren’t afraid to be yourself and live in your own little world. While you look sweet, you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve and you know how to hold your own in any situation. You like to remind people to not let the fun, bubbly personality fool them. Of course, you probably can’t hear them over your perfectly curated Spotify playlist.

Don’t just have one pair of sunglasses

What makes sunglasses one of the most fun accessories for men and women to own? They’re totally interchangeable to suit your mood. Whether you’re feeling bohemian, preppy, or seeking adventure, there’s a pair for your mood. Sunglasses are about having fun and playing with the shape of your face. So, don’t be shy and live a little! Try a new shape this summer, and don’t let anyone tell you that you already own too many pairs.