Groom and Bride in a boat on the beach that just got married.

A beach wedding is your dream venue. Some swoon for the romance of an ancient wedding chapel tucked in a garden. Others find romance in that chapel’s Las Vegas cousin. But for you, the most romantic venue on earth is  the beach. It’s your chapel of love!

If you’re planning a toes-in-the-sand wedding in the near future, this post is on your side. Here, I’ll share some ideas for doing the best beach wedding ever, with some items you probably hadn’t even thought of. So, let’s dive into some hot tips for doing your beachy wedding right!

 A Beach Wedding: Casual But Refined

If you’re going “High Boho” for your beach wedding, you may not have given much thought to how the wedding party’s clothes will fit. But you should. Fit is the key to elegance, even if that elegance is casual. Add refinement to your wedding party with custom groomsmen’s clothing (whether they’re wearing a lightweight blazer, a crisp button-up shirt, or linen trousers). You may not think it’s important for a beachy wedding, but once you see the effects of excellent-fit clothing, you’ll change your mind. Think ahead and have this detail sorted out well before the big day. And remember: lightweight clothing in breathable fabrics is what you need for the beach.

Keep ‘Em Cool and Hydrated!

Your guests may not be accustomed to sitting under the sun for very long, so it’s important that your beach weddingbe set up to offer your guests shade. Everyone isn’t going to fit under the wedding canopy! One way to ensure guest comfort is to keep the ceremony brief. Spring for adequate cover with beach umbrellas or a gazebo in the arrivals area, with portable shade offered for the ceremony (more on that below). Offer an ice-cold beverage to your guests as they arrive. Have a bartender dispense the hydration, using gorgeous accessories brought along for the heady occasion!

Beach Wedding seats under the shadeRemember the Sunscreen

The hot sun reflecting off the sand is a recipe for sunburn, so sunscreen is a must for a beach wedding. But why not incorporate sunscreen into the party favors? Set up a station right next to the bar. Dispense party favors which include a travel-sized bottle of sunscreen for your guests to slather on, protecting their skin from the sun. Remind them that they can get sunburned even if they’re in the shade. Finally, make sure to source a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your wedding guests with love! Another idea is individual paper parasols, that portable shade I mentioned earlier. Doubling as wedding decor, paper parasols shelter guests during the ceremony. They’ll still need sunscreen but they’ll stay so much cooler, and parasols make great party favors!