beach picnic

Best beach party are in the summer. And it is just around the corner. You might be looking for unique ways to celebrate upcoming events during the warm months. Whether you’re setting up a romantic picnic on the beach or throwing a beach-themed bash at your home. There are tons of ways to set up the silverware and decor to make it a real party with a coastal vibe.

Check out these top ideas for your next event to create the best beach party!

1. On the Beach

If you’re planning the best beach party in the surf and sand, you need to start thinking about portability. Look for a foldable, lightweight table that’s long enough to fit as many people as are attending the event. A great idea to cut down on weight would be a shorter table. So you can set up pillows and blankets where people can sit instead of bringing additional chairs.

You should also look for rustic tables that look good bare, or with just a simple runner to carry less. With fewer big things, you can focus more on breaking out the good stuff. Like fancy tableware and platters, centerpieces, fabric napkins, and wine glasses.

You can play into the beach theme with ocean colors in blues and greens for your textiles and florals. And silver and white highlights for your accent pieces and silverware. You can also contrast with the deep blue of the ocean when you pick amber and orange hues for your setup with dried florals and natural textures.

2. In the Garden

You might decide that going to a real beach is a hassle, or you don’t live close enough to one to get there. Never fear — you can throw the best beach party ever in your backyard! You’ll definitely want to evoke more of a coastal aesthetic since you won’t actually be at the beach. So concentrate on introducing blues, grays, whites, and light greens into your textiles for tablecloths, napkins, and chairs.

Decorate with beachy accessories like towels, blow-up toys, and sand pails. You should also accent your table with seashells and driftwood. Maybe you even have a boat in a bottle to make your centerpiece!

You can enhance the vibe even more and transport people to the ocean with a misting fan to mimic the salty spray. Your guests will love how the fan cools them down in the heat. Especially if your setup doesn’t include a tarp or awning to protect them from the sun.

3. Inside the House

If it’s too hot to go outside or head to the beach. You might consider setting up the best beach party indoors.

The aesthetics for your indoor party can be similar to what you might set up in your garden, using beach colors to create the illusion that you’re on the coast with natural accents like seashells in glass jars, blue and white striped pillows and furniture, reedy florals that grow near beaches, and woven hammocks and raffia furniture to deliver some island accents.

If you want to throw the best beach party for kids, you might want to take a different route with more colorful decor and games that are beach-themed. Fill a kiddy pool with blue and white plastic balls so kids can take a dip in the “water,” put tiki torches in your living room (unlit) to reference Hawaii, and try fish-free magnet fishing for entertainment.

Seashells hanging like a curtainAre You Ready?

Even if you can’t hit the waves, you can still plan the best beach party this summer with the ideas on this list. Pick and choose your favorites for an elevated event, relaxed occasion, or kid-friendly affair.

The best part of this beach party setup is that you don’t have to have it in the summer! If you’re suffering from the winter blues, set up the best beach party indoors with these recommendations and ideas.