two girls in bikini's under a beach umbrella

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and no matter your relationship status, it’s always good to get together with your closest friends and celebrate one another! Spend February 13th this year kicking back and catching up with the friends that got you through it all. So grab your girls this Galentine’s Day and paint the town red.


Have a Galentine’s Dinner Party at The Beach

What better way to spend the night before Valentine’s Day then with your best friends at the beach? Throw a Galentine’s Day dinner party to celebrate the friendships that helped you survive the heartbreaks!

Grab a lightweight picnic table, some linen, and set up on the sand just before sunset. Bring a decorative beach umbrella to shade the table and add a touch of style. Place burlap table runner over the linen and line it with freshly picked flowers. Don’t forget to bring chairs and have them face out towards the ocean so you can enjoy the view while you catch up over food.

Don’t have any cooking skills? Make it a potluck! Have each of your friends bring different dishes of food or dessert so that there are many options to choose from. Make sure to find out ahead of time what people are bringing so you don’t just end up with a table filled with desserts even thought that’s best part. While everyone else supplies the food, make sure you supply some sparkling cider to go with your meal!

girl having a picnic eating a sandwich on the beachHit Downtown Laguna

Whether you or a friend is reeling over a breakup or just itching to get out of the house, spending a night in downtown Laguna to celebrate Galentine’s Day is a great way to go. Dress up in your cutest outfit, grab your girls, and start the night off with some dinner by the beach. Then take to the streets and find the next attraction whether you end up at Skyloft or an art gallery!

Girl looking at art in an art gallery

Head to Happy Hour

With all the conflicting work schedules, spending quality time with your best friends can be tough. Make Galentine’s Day the time that everyone plans to get together by the beach, mark the day in your calendar as a standing appointment and have your friends do the same!

After work meet your besties at the Rooftop Lounge for the happy hour deals and feast on food and enjoy some drinks! Happy hour is a great time to get together because it’s a time window that works with most schedules and it’s early enough that it won’t interfere with any of your V-Day plans, plus you can’t beat those deals!

Use the happy hour as a time to catch up with friends and let off steam with the people that know you best while enjoying the breathtaking Laguna coastline. The best part, no dishes to clean!


Set Up a Volleyball Game on the Sand

Get a sweat in this Galentine’s Day by setting up a game of beach volleyball with your closest friends. All you need is a net, a ball, and a beach umbrella to keep you cool when you’re taking a well-deserved water break by the sidelines.