girl with a sunburn face

One of the top highlights of summer is spending time outdoors and relaxing at the beach with friends. Unfortunately, a lot of time under the sun can be harmful to your skin. However, don’t let that stop you from making the most of the great days summer has to offer. There are precautions you can take to protect your skin so you don’t have to worry or cut your beach trip short.


1. Choose the Right Sunscreen

Choosing an appropriate sunscreen is important for your skin and the environment. Many of your average sunscreens contain parabens, fragrances and other chemicals that can be harsh on your skin. Be sure to check the ingredients before purchasing. You must also consider factors like, will I be in the water? If the answer is yes, then you should wear a water resistant sunscreen. If you do plan on spending time in the water, be sure to protect your skin and the ocean by using a coral reef safe sunscreen.

Don’t forget your eyes and lips! It is not guaranteed that you will always have your sunglasses on. Therefore, you should apply a face-friendly sunscreen around the delicate eye area. Furthermore, you should wear an SPF lip balm to keep your lips protected and moisturized.


2. UV Clothing

There are many great brands of UV clothing and Rash guards available for you to us. Long sleeves and a hat is always a good idea. Some of our favorites can be found at It is a guarantee on top of the sunscreen to protect your skin.


3. Chill Under the Protection of a Beach Umbrella


Aside from the importance of sunscreen and protective clothing, simply staying in the shade at the beach is very effective in preventing sun-damage. Having a trendy 100% UV protected beach umbrella to take with you to the beach can result in a beach-changing experience. It will allow you to remain cool and protected and you can stay at the beach all day without suffering from the intense heat.

4. Stay Hydrated


Remaining hydrated throughout the day is not only beneficial and necessary for your inner body, but also for your skin. The sun, wind and saltwater at the beach can all cause dehydration. Therefore, the better hydrated you are, the less likely it is that your skin will suffer.


Additionally, a good way to keep cool is to freeze bottles of water overnight before your beach trip. This will allow the ice to gradually thaw throughout the day, so you can relax on your beach chair as you enjoy a refreshing drink. Keep the bottles in the shade to guarantee an ice-cold drink for hours.


5. After-Sun Care


You ought to always remember to re-apply your sunscreen to prevent your skin from being burned by the sun. However, a day at the beach can still often leave your skin looking a little pink and in need of some post-beach care. After-sun lotion is specifically designed to provide intense hydration for hot and dry skin after sun exposure.

Why leave the beach early when there is still fun to be had? Follow these tips in order to protect your skin and make the most of the summer days.


Image credit: Jean Beaufort / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) Kurt Bauschardt Simon_sees Pexels Linda Prebreza