Girl in a vintage bikini in the air on the beach

Vintage beach umbrellas have been a part of trends and styles of society through many decades. So many beach umbrella designs reflect and are influenced by the era they were designed in. Unfortunately, today’s vibrant beach umbrella designs tend to have huge, brand logos. Or a plastic unfortunate design.  Yet they are still planted in the sand by beach-goers. Vintage beach umbrellas have had different styles and feels. That reflect the time and era which they were designed.  Many of these umbrellas had fringe around them. And that added a fun element to the beach lifestyle.


Surfing Through the Sixties

The sixties was a time of elegant swim caps paired with high waisted bikini bottoms. The two ladies would lay and laugh under a striped umbrella. As a result, they could stay beach side all day. Maybe even a glass-bottled Coke in hand, laughing with friends and maybe even strumming a ukulele. Subsequently, this was laying the scene for a lovely afternoon. Also, surfers would seek the shade of a beach umbrella after catching ultimate waves. As always fun in the sun was the goal.


Vintage Beach Umbrellas Inspire Modern Patterns

From the 60’s to the 70’s designs and trends were influenced by hippies and had a boheminan feel. Because of this umbrellas underwent a floral trend. Some of these carefully designed umbrellas had daisies or colors such as  periwinkle and pink.  Vintage beach umbrellas were being used by surfers and people in search of a relaxing oceanside retreat. Eventually, the umbrellas started popping up inland and provided shade to land-owners on a blazing afternoon.

If you’re looking for a unique, alternative look to your beach umbrella. Then try breaking away from the loud, neon themes of today. Travel back to vintage like designs to put you in that “fun in the sun” mind set. As always, BeachBrella has a variety of deigns to choose from. Because some  look back at the past and some reflect today’s popular culture. Order yours today to be safe and stylish in the sun!