Easter Basket Ideas for Spring

An Easter Tradition with a Twist

Whenever Easter rolled around, I always kinda dreaded the traditional Easter basket. The sugary treats… those icky, sticky yellow peeps (what chemical gets them that unreal yellow color anyway?)…and the silly plastic green grass that we kept finding around the house until the 4th of July! So when my boys were very little, the Easter bunny brought a basket full of items to be enjoyed during the upcoming spring break: The “Easter Bunny Beach Basket”!!   🙂

Easter Beach Basket

Healthy eating has always been important in my home. We don’t eat meat, avoid processed foods and try to limit our sugar intake. At the same time, my boys were always outgrowing their clothes and shoes. So I hatched my alternative basket plan—and it was a total hit! Usually, I headed to Thalia Street Surf Shop, which is conveniently located next to our favorite locals Thalia Street beach in Laguna Beach. The EB always delivered a new pair of board shorts: this year from DarkSeas, and a pair of summer time Reef Sandals.

Then it could vary depending on the spring time needs. Toms sunglasses was a a popular item or maybe a baseball cap and some sunscreen… And they always needed surfboard wax. That made a nice space filler. Okay, I wasn’t a totally un-fun mom. I always included a milk chocolate bunny.

IMG_2938They enjoyed their beach baskets. If you are like me and want to skip the sugar overdose, and all that plastic packaging, I bet you can find some alternative goodies for your kids, too. My boys always were excited to put on their new gear and head down to the beach. And I got to sit and relax on the sand under my beach umbrella, proud that they were both healthy and happy. That Easter Bunny was one popular dude at our home!