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Healthy Diet for Surfers: Surfers Lifestyle

A healthy diet for surfers is a necessity. Surfing is a demanding activity that requires a lot of of energy. It’s important you take good care of your body before you hit the waves. High-energy surfing strains your biceps, shoulders and your legs. Moving against strong waves wears you down. So if you have learned how to surf, there is one more thing you need to do –Learn the surfer’s eating habits.

A healthy surfer’s meal contains the right balance of fats, proteins, fruits, and carbohydrates.

Carbs provide you glucose stored up in your muscles, and proteins help repair torn and worn out muscle tissue while fats serve as backup glucose. One of my favorite resources for surfing and eating ideas is the book First We Surf Then We Eat by Jim Kempton. This is an amazing book filled with lots and lots of great recipes.

First we Surf then we eat surfing recipes

First, Fill Up In the Morning

Before you hit the waves for an early morning session, you need to refill with aheavy carb meal to fire you up for the task ahead. Eat high complex carbs like cereal and yogurt, flax-seed powder and honey or grain toast with mixed fruits. This morning routine is a great start to a healthy diet for surfers.

You can also blend up some dried fruits and nuts in an almond or cashew milke. milk. Taking these high-energy foods early in the morning will fuel you up for the day as your body will absorb all the nutrients.

A Break Under a 100% UV Protected Beach Umbrella

It’s normal for Hunger to set in after hours of early morning surfing. You can take a quick 40-60 minutes to break under a cute beach umbrella snacking on some high-energy carbs. Hopefully you find a 100% UV protection beach umbrella since you have been sitting out in the water for hours.

Snacks like eggs, fruit smoothies, meat/veggies, and cheese will fill you up with proteins to help repair worn out muscles and carbs for energy refill.

Lunch Proper

Lunch-time is a great time to eat tasty seafood. You can checkout spicy fish fry, curry, and rice. This meal will fill you up and is very delicious too. You can also make ahead a tasty tuna fish sandwich, or any other good seafood you can find in your location. There are such regional foods that are wonderful when travel surfing.

Tuna Fish Sandwich

Replenishing Night Meal

Dinner is the most important meal for surfers as a lot goes down while you sleep. Your body is recovering from the daily activity and repairing worn out tissues too. Dinner will either aid this process or impede it, rendering you tired the next morning.

It’s essential you consume foods rich in protein like beans, fish, chicken or lamb. These foods will help repair damaged muscle tissue while you rest all night. Combine these high-protein meals with carbs and veggies to wake up feeling strong and refreshed.

You can also drink a warm glass of milk before you go to bed for a combination of carbs and proteins. This focus on dinner is definitely a healthy diet for surfers.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Surfing is a high-energy exercise that drains up your body fluid especially when the weather is hot. You will hardly feel dehydrated because you won’t sweat until you break down from excess loss of body fluid.

Never let your drinking canister run empty. Always drink water from the very first time you hit the waves till you go to bed at night. You can drink fresh coconut water for more electrolytes.

Bottom Line

Engaging in an energy-zapping exercise like surfing without leading a healthy lifestyle will tell negatively on your overall fitness. You don’t want to break down from surf-stress in the middle of a lovely holiday.

You best enjoy surfing when healthy and strong. So take good care of yourself while always remember to take quick body stretch under the shade of a 100% UV Protected beach umbrella.