Mother and Child standing on the shoreline

Ideas for Celebrating Mother’s Day This Year

Looking for ideas this Mother’s Day? The day is coming up fast so it’s time to get planning! As I’m sure your mother’s said before, all she wants for mother’s day is to spend time with you. You can really impress a mom with a well thought out day and gift. Moms always think of special things for you so now is your day to show off your mothers day planning skill? However, if you’re stumped on what to get her, check out this versatile outdoor accessory she’ll love!

Whatever you decide to do this Mother’s Day, remember that your mom is just happy to be with you. Trying to find the perfect gift for mom an be tough so if you can’t think of anything it is even better to make her day special. Lets not forget to also include your mother in law when making a day everyone can spend together. Grab your camera and get a family photo that you can maybe us for next years mothers day card.



Get Your Sweat On

A special day can start the morning off right with a yoga session. Whether you’re a yogi or have never touched a mat, a mother-daughter or son yoga class is a great way to get a good stretch in for the rest of the day. If you’re lucky enough to live by the beach do a quick Google search to see if you can take your session to the sand. Make sure to pack up a beach towel to keep the sand off your mat. The beach towel could be part of the mothers day gift.

Once you’ve made it to the end grab your mom, your mat, and head to the local coffee shop and have a nice chat over some iced coffee or tea. Try to pick an outdoor cafe that has a fun atmosphere and lots of people around. If your mom loves her dog then pick up her pet and head to a pet friendly cafe.


Head to Brunch

Maybe your mom is a little more formal and would prefer a nice brunch. Think of your moms favorite foods and do some research of local spots that have a good mothers day brunch. Make your reservations far in advance as this is a popular day for brunching!

You might want to think of a destination brunch. Laguna Beach is a great place to take mom. Not only does it have great restaurants but also great shopping for maybe some mother day gifts. If you’re in the Laguna Beach area make your way to Driftwood Kitchen. Grab a seat on the deck to get a panoramic view of the ocean while you sip on mimosas and enjoy a delicious brunch.

After brunch a nice stroll on the beach is another good idea. Maybe looking for some sea-glass or seashells along with shoreline. If you decide on Laguna Beach there are plenty of amazing tide pools that you could enjoy. You could take a decorative jar and fill it with sand and some of the collected seashells or sea-glass and tie a nice ribbon around it. This would be a nice keepsake from the day together.

close up of girl sitting on the sand

Get Outdoors

If you can’t make it to a beach destination then make your way to a beautiful park. Plan a nice picnic under a nice big beautiful tree. There are lots of picnic foods that will satisfy your mom. Be creative and think about things that she really enjoys. Find her favorite desert and go all out. Maybe if your not the greatest in the kitchen then contact her favorite restaurant and order some food to go that you can just pick up on the way.

Plan the setting. Make sure you have a cute beach blanket along with some matching fun paper plates and napkins. Do something creative for a cocktail. Make a nice Sangria or chill a great bottle of Chardonnay. Also try to find a fun unique flower arrangement that she could take home and it could be part of her mothers day gift. There are lots of ideas on pinterest.


Time for Dinner

If you’ve spent the day out and about, have dinner in. Make a nice warm comforting stew or soup and serve with some fresh rosemary biscuits. You can have this all ready to go in a crockpot or make a day ahead and just warm it up.

Spend time going through some old photograph books about vacations you have taken as a child. Have the pages marked ahead, so you can go to particular memories that you would like to share.

Or maybe look at your old school photos and better yet, have her take out a photo album from her childhood and let mom explain all the different family members in the photo. Have your food over some wine and spend time talking about each other’s lives.

Last, but not least, don’t forget the dessert! Grab your mom’s favorite sweet snack and an assortment of chocolate and enjoy the sweetness. Maybe add some fun and get a s’mores kit and start a fire in your fireplace.

Even better would be have an ice cream sundae bar that you could do together. have her make your and you make hers. Get some fun sprinkles and chocolates to put on. Maybe 3 different kinds of ice cream along with a fresh 1/2 banana for each. Remember not to forget the whip cream!


Make it a Spa Day

Grab your mom and spend the day relaxing at the spa. Pick a special hotel in the area that offers a day spa package. One that comes with a massage or facial and then lunch.

Many of the hotels will let you then use their pool facility for the day. If that is the case pack a bag of fun magazines and maybe a book of word puzzles that you could share while lounging around the pool.

Nothing says thank you for giving birth to me like a soothing facial and full body massage. One of my favorite is the Montage in Laguna Beach there is also the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. Find that luxury spot that you can enjoy together.

Many times you can purchase the robes they give you to wear or the towel used around the pool. These would be great gifts and she would always remember the special day.

If you cannot think of a gift to give her and you want to make sure she really likes it, you could download a mothers day gift guide and let her choose something of her liking.

Plan around the Weather

One thing you should also remember is plan around the weather. Look ahead on May 12th and make sure your plan fits the weather forecast. We just assume in California that it is going to be nice but not always, so maybe indoor activities should be thought about.

My mom always loved to bowl so that could be a great indoor mothers day activity. Also, maybe going to a movie and dinner with some buttery popcorn! Find out if there is a movie that she hasn’t had a chance to see. You could also set up your TV to play old DVD’s or CD’s of past family gatherings or school plays etc.


Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May. This year we are celebrating on May 12th.

Just remember to enjoy the holiday and cherish the time you have with your mom. Mom’s are amazing at how they just don’t miss a thing. They are always thinking about you and your well being and always want to make your life even better than it is.

Make sure to tell her all the things that you appreciate and all the great little things she did. Plan ahead and start thinking of great memories and things she did for you that meant a lot. That way you will be giving her the best thing ever accolades. :)) Hope this helps with some great mothers day ideas.