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Top Surfing Destinations for Families: Family Surf Trip Fun

These are some of the top surfing destinations for families. Cruisin’ the waves in style! Therefore, nothing brings a family together like surf trips. Experienced surfers know the seamless blend of exhilaration and relaxation that surfing can be. The thrill of riding world-class waves and the focus required to pull it off put you in a mental sweet spot. At the intersection of immersion and excitement.

Unfortunately, great waves can’t be found everywhere. Surf spots are a dime a dozen, especially on the West coast. The problem is that they are marred with issues. From a lack of A-frames to crowded beaches.

If you want the best family surf trip, then you’ll need to know all about the best surf destinations in the world. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Father son carrying surf boards on the sandWhat the Best Surfing Destinations Offer

  • Suitability of accommodation

    A family surf holiday lives and dies by its location! And not just because of wave quality. You’ll be spending your entire surfing holiday at this locale. It’s safe to assume that not every single second will be spent surfing.
    Think about it. What will you do when away from the coastline surrounding?
    The perfect location should have enough accommodations for you and your family. Be that in the way of housing or dining options. Nearby attractions for quality time are also important. Paradise isn’t all action. Sometimes, it’s about rest as well.
    Restaurants aside, make sure your housing situation is taken care of first.

  • Food

    Delicious food! I touched on this briefly in the previous section. The perfect spot needs to offer you local cuisine. What’s the point of suffering through a long flight, with crying children in tow, if you aren’t going to experience everything that a country has to offer?
    Build your entire trip around new experiences. Family surf vacations aren’t just about the waves. A true adventure has you trying all sorts of things. Many of the following destinations on our list are known for their world-class cuisine.
    The only thing you have to look out for is allergens. If your kids or anyone in your party have allergies make sure that they aren’t present on the menu. Some places aren’t careful about handling different ingredients together. Make sure to include a healthy diet for surfers to maintain your energy and health!

  • Activities other than surfing

    Non-surfers rejoice! Not everyone wants to tame the ocean. Sounds crazy, I know! First-timers have to be eased into surfing. This is why your vacation spot should be based somewhere that’s got plenty of tourist attractions. Such as, zip lining or any similar activity will do.
    At the very least, it should be a place that is extremely foreign.
    The mystical allure of a truly foreign place should be enough to keep non-surfers occupied. If anything, even a place without much tourism will do. This is because you won’t have to deal with long lines and crowds. Who likes those anyway?

  • Other Important Factors

  • Safety and Security

    Don’t get caught up in natural beauty. Looks can be deceiving! In this section, safety comes in two ways. The first is your general location. Make sure that wherever it is that you are traveling to is generally under control. No crime waves!
    The second way that safety comes into play is when surfing. Life jackets are a must! Frankly, any kind of personal flotation device will do. As long as it can handle your weight and it fits snugly, then you are good to go.
    Keep your eyes peeled. A logging and fishing town isn’t exactly a hotbed for crime. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. Being a victom of crime would definitely put a damper on a top surfing destinations for families.

  • Cost

    Another key point is to maintain a budget! Nothing is cheap nowadays. Unfortunately, prices always go up. The inverse isn’t common. Although cutting costs where applicable will allow you to spend more on the things you’ll actually want to do.
    Surf schools are common in most vacation destinations. So too, are surf camps. Also, surf lessons would go a long way in getting your kids used to the sport. The better you are at something, the more fun you’ll have. Therefore, a surfing holiday can only be enhanced by the more you know.
    Here’s a tip. More beach breaks, fewer tourist attractions. After all, the beach is free. But don’t forget to pack your beach essentials before heading to the coast!

  • Don’t overlook the wave quality

    Reliable swells are hard to come by. Therefore, you shouldn’t overlook wave quality. Consequently, imagine how deflating it would be. You architect an entire surfing vacation. Spending hours and thousands of dollars, only for you to arrive at your destination and have no waves to ride. Would not be considered a top surfing destinations for families.
    Does traveling around the world for a few ankle slappers sound appealing to you?
    Can you surf on a paddleboard?  After all a surfer needs a challenge. This requires fast waves. Catching racy waves will require perfect timing.
    Because this means location isn’t the only factor to consider. Make sure you arrive at your spot during peak wave season. Otherwise, you’ll have to suffer through chunder and waste.Dad and kid on a surfboard in the water

Top Surfing Destinations for Families

  • Punta Mita, Mexico
    Punta Mita is a peninsula like no other. Also, known around the world as a premier golf resort. This doesn’t mean that it won’t offer surfers plenty to do. In fact, Punta Mita is also known for the wide variety of waves that are born near its shoreline.
    Although, this won’t be the most challenging selection of waves to ride through, it will keep you entertained. As I stated before, Punta Mita offers plenty more than just surfing. Its spa amenities are rejuvenating. Offering top-tier massages.
    Take advantage of every part of this golfing and spa wonderland. You won’t regret it!
  • Hudhuranfushi Resort, Maldives
    Ahhh, the Maldives! A perfect spot for island fun. The Hudhuranfushi resort isn’t just a nightmare to spell out! This resort hosts more than eighty acres of lush and tropical land. That’s more than enough space for any family-friendly adventures you had in mind.
    What does Hudhuranfushi offer to the surfers of the world? Deep blue sea on all sides. In some cases, I’d even argue that it can get a bit overwhelming. If you want a place where you can focus on the waves and nothing else, you won’t find much better than this.
  • Komune Resort, Bali
    There are many sides to Bali. The great thing about the Komune resort is that it lets you experience all the best parts of it. Lose yourself in a vibrant culture. One that is fueled by diversity and oddities.
    On all sides, you’ll be hammered by class-A waves. Regardless of the time of year! This is because the Indian Ocean, which surrounds Bali, creates powerful swells year-round. Due to the distance that each swell travels, they have enough time to build into something worth surfing.
  • Playa Negra, Costa Rica
    Playa Negra delivers across all fronts. Of course, as a surfing destination, it tops the charts. This is because Playa Negra has rolling waves. Year-round rolling waves! If you are socially inclined, then you needn’t worry. Day or night, you’ll find surfers taking advantage of this environment.
    Playa Negra also benefits from its close proximity to other beaches, wildlife refuges, and national parks. But it won’t take you long to make the trip out from Playa Negra to one of the aforementioned places. How can anything compete with that?
  • More Top Destinations

  • Tofino, British Columbia
    If it’s power surfing you want, then you’ll have to head to Tofino B.C. Secluded and diminutive. This tiny district is part of a larger island. Vancouver Island, to be exact. However, Tofino takes advantage of this situation extremely well.
    With several of its beaches acting as year-round surfing grounds. What impresses me most about this district is that it combines the best features of other top surfing destinations.
    You get year-round excitement and several pristine beaches to take advantage of it.
  • Siargao Island, The Philippines
    This teardrop-shaped wonder encapsulates what makes the Philippines such a welcoming place. There are plenty of amenities and accommodations on site for beginners and novices. Kids alike will feel well guided by the instructors that can be found near Siargao island’s beaches.
    Siargao is known as the “surfing capital of the Philippines.” This title wasn’t just given to the island because it introduced the sport to the nation but also because it’s the best part to surf in all of the Philippines.
  • Waikiki, Oahu
    You probably can’t pronounce this location correctly, but that doesn’t matter. It won’t stop you from getting lost in its dazzling neighborhoods that run alongside pristine white sand beaches.
    If you can get away long enough from the top-tier restaurants and bars, you’ll find a consistent wave output and quality. Don’t be deterred by the popularity of this site. Despite the crowds, you’ll have no trouble finding spots to surf in.
  • San Sebastian, Spain
    San Sebastian is home to Zurriola beach. Zurriola beach is the best spot in all of Spain for catching big waves. Intense waves are constantly being birthed. Sinking even the most experienced surfers that dare and tame them.
    Due to this fact, rescue services are known to regularly patrol the area. However, beginners shouldn’t shy away. Zurriola beach has some sections that are beginner friendly. These areas have significantly weaker waves to contend with.
  • Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast, Australia
    Perhaps one of the most stunning coastlines and beaches. Noosa Heads has earned all of its plaudits. White sand beaches of all sizes and shapes lay scattered about. The multitude of choices acts like a menu.
    The surfers of your family won’t know what to do with all the testing grounds available to them. One thing to watch out for is crowded waterways. Noosa Heads is an extremely popular holiday destination. This means that it’s constantly swamped by tourists.
  • VatuVonu Fijian Villas, Fiji
    VatuVonu island is a barrel wave breeding ground. Spend your nights relaxing in its Fijian villas, and then get ready to hang ten in some really choppy waters.
    Depending on the time of year that you visit VatuVonu, you’ll be greeted with either a steady procession of short waves or a cacophony of chunder but both make for quality rides.
    Whichever temperament that VatuVonu decides to take up, you’ll be in for one elite workout! How quickly do you think you’ll improve when surfing in such a challenging environment!?Fiji resort hotel

My Final Thoughts

What surf destination best suits you? Where does these top surfing destinations for families find you? Therefore, it doesn’t matter which of the locations above you choose. They have all the amenities to make you feel right at home but not to mention that the variety of conditions should allow you to find something that suits the whole family.

Wait! Before you head to your nearest airport, keep a few things in mind. Make sure that you book your next getaway during the summer months of that location. Otherwise, you’ll be left with no choice but to ride ankle slappers in low temperatures. Freezing!

One last thing to note is the importance of consistent breaks. Conserve your energy. It’s important! This is because you’ll have enough strength to pull yourself out of trouble should you need to.