Girl holding and easter basket

April is when the sun comes out and it’s time to get out and enjoy it. What better way to celebrate Easter this year than on the beach? Grab your family, some pastel eggs, and your favorite beach umbrella for a festive Easter egg hunt on the sand. 


Scout your spot 

Easter egg hunts are all about figuring out the best hiding places.  So, to have a successful hunt you need to find the right spot. The first thing you need to do is get to the beach. Luckily, Laguna has all the great hiding spots since most of the beaches are coves.  The wall of rocks that surround the sand are great places to hide some eggs.   


Pick out your filling 

Kids love Easter egg hunts for the mystery of what’s inside. So, make yours interesting! Sure, candy is an easy go to, but there are many ways to get creative. 

While you’re scouting for your spot, grab some shells and sea glass. Make sure the ones you pick can easily be made into necklaces. Pack the Easter eggs with a combination of the shells, sea glass, and some colorful string to get the kids crafting! 

Easter egg hunts can often bring out the competitive side in children. So, make things fun and get a puzzle.  Scatter the pieces of the puzzle into different Easter eggs and get the kids collaborating to put it together. 

If the age range of the children participating is large, a great way to level the playing field is by assigning everyone a color. When big kids and little kids are involved it is difficult for the little ones to keep up.  So, assigning everyone their own color will ensure that no one feels left out. 

Multi Colored Easter Eggs on the grassDecorate your basket 

To get the kids excited for the hunt, get decorating! Choosing the right basket is a great way to set the stage.  Add some ribbon and use the extra string left over from the necklaces to make the baskets look more festive! Make each basket unique so the kids can easily identify their own. 

If the group of kids participating has a large age range and you choose to assign individual colors. Decorate the baskets with the assigned colors so that it’s easy for the kids to remember which eggs they should pick up. 

A bunch of wicker basketsGrab some snacks 

 Running around the sand searching for Easter eggs is exhausting.  Make sure you bring some snacks and water to tide the kids over until it’s time for brunch. Some great ideas are jordan almonds to keep your spread colorful, celery with some almond butter, and a hummus and vegetable spread to keep the parents satisfied! 


Bring beach accessories 

Create a nice space to keep the parents comfortable. Grab a large blanket and your trusty beach umbrella so everyone can sit under the shade and enjoy watching as the kids run through the sand. Make sure to grab some sunblock to keep your skin safe from those harsh rays and don’t forget those sunglasses! 

Sit backrelax, and enjoy the holiday with your family!